Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis

Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis is a charming restaurant gem just a short walk from the famous Zaanse Schans windmills in the Netherlands. While Zaanse Schans draws enormous crowds who flock to see the windmills and take Instagram photos, Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis offers a more intimate, local dining experience with creative twists on classic favourites. Venturing just off the main tourist trail to this cosy restaurant lets you enjoy the beauty of the windmills from afar while diving into delicious food in a peaceful setting.

Cafe Brasserrie Het Heerenhuis Wijdewormer


Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis is located in the village of Wijdewormer, just a 20-minute walk from the famous Zaanse Schans windmills, along the Kalverpolder and past the Amerikan Windmill Herkules. This makes it a scenic walk from the windmills to Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis. 

The restaurant is also reachable by Bike, Car, and Bus, and ample parking is available for both cars and bikes. 

So, for those looking to explore beyond the windmills of Zaanse Schans, Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis provides the perfect location for lunch, a snack on the terrace, dinner or a quiet bed and breakfast spot just a short walk away from the world-famous windmills.

Herkules Windmill - American Style
Walk past the Historic Kalverpolder and American Windmill Herkules

Cosy Historic Atmosphere

Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis has a charming, cosy atmosphere with historical touches that transport you back in time. The interior features dark wood, intricate wallpaper, antique furnishings, and decor that give it an old-world feel. Despite the historical aesthetic, the dining spaces are intimate and perfect for relaxing.   


The dining rooms with fireplaces create a warm, inviting environment for dining, even in the winter months. The large terrace outside provides plenty of seating for enjoying the summer sun.


The historic building housing the cafe and the classic decor make this a dining destination with character and charm.


As the restaurant was busy, I did not take any photos, to respect other dining guests.


Vegetarian Waffle with poached egg

Het Heerenhuis puts a creative spin on classic cuisine, with a menu focusing on Steak, Tasty Burgers, and fresh fish dishes. There are also weekly specials, so even if you are a frequent visitor, there is usually something new to tickle your taste buds. 

Fish of the Day Special at Het Heerenhuis

The chef takes high-quality ingredients and adds unique twists to elevate the flavours. For instance, I recently had the vegan rendang spring rolls with pumpkin, hummus, turnips and macadamias. The flavours were fresh and complimentary, and the spring rolls were crisp and not greasy. While staying true to fan favourites, the cuisine at Het Heerenhuis brings creativity.

Vegan Spring Rolls

Prices and Value

The prices at Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis are only slightly higher than the average restaurant in the Zaandam area, but the quality and creativity of the food make it a good value. Three courses will run you around 40 to 50 euros per person, excluding drinks.


This location and the food are meant for special events, foodies, and individuals looking for quality.  

Dame Blanch Dessert at Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis


The friendly staff at Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis are attentive and make visitors feel welcome. You note that they have pride in the restaurant and the food they serve. The service matches the quality of the food, with staff knowledgeable about recommendations and preparation. 


It’s a relaxing dining experience where you can enjoy the food without feeling rushed. 

Outdoor Seating (Terras)

The outdoor terrace is probably one of the largest in terms of the number of tables in the local area. This is a blessing and a curse. You can almost always find a place to sit, even on the first sunny days of the year, but this can mean wait staff are stretched. That being said, the wait times are still more than bearable, and if you are crunched for time, let your waiter know. I believe the helpful staff will push things along the best they can. 

Outdoor seating area


While the restaurant is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, I recommend reserving your space. Cafe Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis is often busy, and it’s common to see staff need to turn away hopeful guests. Unfortunately for those who didn’t reserve, they emphasize a relaxed dining experience. There are no two-hour dinner slots, as you tend to have in Amsterdam restaurants. 

Cheese plate dessert from Cafe Het Brasserie Het Heerenhuis
Cheese Plate Dessert

Route from Zaanse Schans to Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis

You want to head from the parking lot at the Zaanse Schans and head along the Leeghwaterweg in the direction of the bus stop and St. Michael’s College. 

You want to follow the two laned bike path along the Kalverpolder.  Enjoy the views, but watch out for bikes.  You continue until you reach the bridge and 4 way cross road.  Here is a small path to cross over the busy. road.  Cross over and walk over the bridge before turning down the Zuiderweg. 


Click for full directions via google maps. 


You must cross a busy road without any pedestrian crossing support, so please take care.

Final Thoughts

Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis is a true gem worth discovering when visiting Zaandam. This restaurant recently celebrated 10 years and remains a local favouriteLocated just a short walk from the popular Zaanse Schans windmills, it provides a cosy, charming atmosphere with creative twists on local favourite dishes.


The cafe offers a chance to get off the main tourist trail, stroll along the scenic Kalverpolder, and see the American windmill. Cafe Brasserie Het Heerenhuis is a delightful discovery for those looking to explore beyond the typical attractions.


You can learn more; including the current menu for lunch and dinner at the restaurant and bed and breakfast’s website.

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