Indulge in Delicious Treats at Hemels Wormerveer restaurant!

Hemels is a quaint ice cream shop and restaurant in Wormerveer by the Zaan river. It’s common to see a line outside as families, couples, and tourists come for dessert after dinner. Waiting in a fast-moving line, you enter a bright, spacious shop with a diverse selection of ice cream flavors on display. Traditional and unique flavors are available, along with different cone choices. This ice cream spot in Wormerveer is popular among both locals and tourists.


The hidden gem of Hemels Wormerveer Lunchroom is more than just an ice cream shop, offering breakfast and lunch made with locally sourced, organic ingredients. Their diverse menu accommodates vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets. Why miss out on trying all the delicious options available?

The Interior of Hemels Restaurant in Wormerveer

Hemels Restaurant in Wormerveer

Located on Wormerveer’s main street, this restaurant’s standout feature is its floral display above the entrance. Despite appearing as a typical ice cream parlor, the interior surprises with a spacious layout featuring small wooden tables that are shifted aside during busy ice cream hours.

Heavely Location in Wormerveer

Hemels Restaurant in wormerveer on the zaanbocht

Hemels Wormerveer Lunchroom on Zaanweg is conveniently located near the train station with plenty of street parking. It’s easily accessible by car, public transport, or bike, but for a special experience, arrive by boat and enjoy the local charm of life on the Zaan. Families often dock along Zaanbocht for a quick ice cream break before continuing their journey.

For navigation purposes, the address is:

Zaanweg 109

1521 DP Wormerveer

Happy Team at Hemels Wormerveer

Whether coming for ice cream or a sit-down lunch, customers are greeted by the friendly staff from the moment they walk in. No matter how long the ice cream line gets, the employees give off a cheerful vibe and are incredibly patient with indecisive children. It’s next to impossible to be in a bad mood, surrounded by ice cream and excited people. Because who doesn’t love a special treat?

Hemels Ice Cream Bar is bright and friendly

Outdoor Seating on the Zaanbocht

On sunny days, consider heading outside to sit back and relax. There are picnic tables set up along the waterside, allowing you to enjoy your ice cream while watching boats float by. There is no need to immediately start walking with kids and melting ice cream; rather, take the time to relax, take in the sights of the Zaan, and maybe feed that last piece of waffle cone to the ducks. (Or not; it’s probably not good for them.)

Hemels Menu Highlights

The menu offers a range of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options including smoothies, yogurt bowls, egg sandwiches, grilled cheese, croquettes, and tuna sandwiches. My personal favourite is the Cajun chicken wrap, made with fresh ingredients.


If you’re not feeling like ice cream on a cold winter day, Hemels has you covered with various dessert options like brownies, cakes, and gluten and sugar-free choices. Good luck choosing just one treat!


For full menu details, visit the Hemels webpage.

Cajun Chicken wrap at Hemels in Wormerveer
It may not be as photogenic as the avocado toast, but the Cajun Chicken Wrap is delicous!

Hemels Ice Cream Selection

Now, I have never counted the number of great ice cream flavours on offer, but I estimate there are more than 25! They range from traditional vanilla, chocolate, and stracciatella to our family favourite of stroopwafel. But if you are looking for something a little different, I highly recommend the Lemon Basil. This is craft ice cream! The flavour is so refreshingly unique that it’s worth the trip alone.

I am an ice cream-in-a-bowl kind of girl, except when the cone is part of the experience. At Hemels, the cone options are varied, with the chocolate-edged waffle cone being my personal favourite.

Hemels ice cream

Ice Cream Lovers

So, when visiting the Zaan Region, stop by this restaurant to try the fabulous ice cream. It’s well worth the bike ride or renting that boat, for a cold treat in the sunshine.


If you are searching for dinner options, then unfortunately, Hemels may not be the option for you.  You may want to consider other options such as Café Brasserie Het Heerenhuis in Wijdewormer near the Zaanse Schans or perhaps experience local craft beers at Brouwerij Hoop in Zaandijk.  Either option, you could still visit Hemels for your after-dinner sweets.

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