Parking at Zaanse Schans

Depending on the day and weather the Zaanse Schans can be very, busy, and paid parking is limited. It is not unusual for the lot to fill up on summer weekends.

Where feasible, I recommend that you come via public transportation or by bike to the location. It could save you a huge parking headache.

Enterance to the Zaanse Schans

When coming to the Zaanse Schans by car, please note that there are two parking areas. One is public paid parking lot for all visitors, while the other is strictly for residents. The correct address for the public parking location is Schansend 7 in Zaandam. This is right off the round about.

The paid parking will cost between 11.00€ to 15.00€ per car, depending on the time of the year.

Visting with A Motorhome?

Paid parking for motor homes and cars nearby the zaanse schans

Public parking is limited, and the decision was made to not permit motorhomes from parking there. If you are coming by motor home, check out the official Zaanse Schans website for the recommended parking location at that time.

Currently there is parking made available for motorhomes and cars nearby at Diederik Sonoyweg 7 and signs are available to direct you in the right direction. Motorhome parking is also paid parking at 10 euros.  


Cheaper then the Zaanse Schans and a short walk away!

Parking at the Zaanse Schans Full?

It is not unusual for the parking at the Zaanse Schans to be full. 

When this occurs, you can also park at the location for the motorhome.  As the cost is only 10 euros, it actually is a cheaper location.  The downside is the street leading up to the Zaanse Schans has no safe sidewalk to use and it can get very busy with local industry traffic using the same road.  So be safe and walk as far on the side as you can.

Off-Site Parking

There is limited public parking in the area around Zaanse Schans and most parking is owned by the local businesses or is private parking.


While you may attempt to save the cost of parking, expect vehicles that are parked incorrectly to be towed or receive a fine. Avoid having your car towed or being hit by a nasty fine by parking only in designated locations that are marked.

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