Podium De Flux – Zaandam Music Venue

Podium de Flux is an exciting music venue located in Zaandam. It is perfect for experiencing live music performances across various genres. Focusing on showcasing local talent and touring acts, it has become a destination for music lovers looking to discover their new favourite band or experience a tribute band of their favourite artists.


The intimate, standing-room-only space creates an energetic atmosphere where the audience feels connected to the musicians. The programs are diverse, so there’s something for all tastes – from indie rock to jazz to folk. Musicians of all levels are welcome to sign up for the open mic nights to test out new material and gain exposure (best of all, these open mic nights are free to watch).

The Go-To Place for Music

With a convenient location and welcoming vibe, it’s no wonder Podium de Flux has become a go-to for experiencing live original music in Zaandam. The passionate staff and volunteers ensure that music remains at the venue’s heart and that artists and audiences feel at home.


I’ve personally attended several tribute bands and expect to review more in the future. Favourite artists and music played by tribute bands hit differently than Spotify ever could.

Sign at Hemk4de and podium de flux in Zaandam. The place for music events

Upcoming Events

Podium de Flux offers various live music events that appeal to diverse tastes. Music lovers can check the calendar for upcoming shows.


While on tour, visiting musicians from The Netherlands and abroad also perform at Podium de Flux. The venue has hosted rock, indie pop, folk, jazz, and world music artists. Their concerts allow locals to experience new music and cultures. Show announcements are posted on the website.

Easily Accessible Location

Podium de Flux is conveniently located in Zaandam, making it easy to access for an evening of live music. The venue has ample on-site parking available, so driving and parking is hassle-free. For those taking public transportation, the nearest bus stop is a bit of a walk from Podium de Flux.

The venue’s address is Hemkade 48, 15206 PT Zaandam.

With on-site parking, close public transportation links and a short bike ride from central Zaandam, getting to Podium de Flux is a breeze. Music lovers from Zaandam and beyond can easily access the venue for its open mic nights, tribute bands, and diverse musical offerings. Spend an evening immersed in the excitement of live music without the hassle of difficult transportation.


Consider making it a full evening out with dinner at Lab 44 located at the nearby Hemburg Terrein.

Friendly Volunteers Create a Community

Podium de Flux is unique because it is mainly run by volunteers from the local community. This gives the venue a warm, inviting atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. The volunteers are passionate music lovers who donate their time to support up-and-coming musicians and create a space for people to come together around their shared love of music.


You’ll immediately notice the friendly vibe when you attend a show at Podium de Flux. Volunteers work the door, tend the bar, manage the stage, and handle all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting on live events. They do it for the love of music and community, not for profit. It’s their dedication that allows Podium de Flux to showcase talented musicians from Zaandam and beyond.


The community feel extends to the audience as well. With a mix of regulars and newcomers in the crowd, there’s a palpable energy and sense of belonging. We are all there to enjoy the music.

Payment and Other Logistics

Podium de Flux is a cashless venue. All payments are accepted via PIN only at the bar, which helps keep things moving quickly during busy nights.


As a standing-room-only music venue,there are no chairs. This creates more space for guests to gather near the stage and dance areas for a lively atmosphere.


Be prepared to stand and enjoy the music, so wear comfy shoes

Experience Live Music in Zaandam

If you want to experience the thrill of live music in an intimate setting, look no further than Podium de Flux. Check out their calendar and get your tickets today for an evening of outstanding entertainment right in Zaandam. Your ears will thank you!

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Podium De Flux – Zaandam Music Venue

Podium de Flux is an exciting music venue located in Zaandam. It is perfect for experiencing live music performances across …

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